Military Affidavit

This search is provided to verify if a person is, or is not, listed as Active in the US Armed Forces as defined by the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. We identify the individual, and obtain a verification certificate via the Department of Defense. The SSN is not required to be supplied by the client. Furthermore, the client will receive a notarized affidavit by mail, which can also be emailed or faxed to the client at no additional charge.

Order - $25

Asset Search

This search does not guarantee any assets will be found, but instead offers an inexpensive alternative to find possible attachable assets and employment. This is an excellent first step for identifying the value of pursuing any collection matter, as it not only may provide attachable assets, but provides a general overview of the individuals standard of living. No authorization form require

Order - $130

Locate Search

This searches for a current physical address for an individual. This is similar to the Basic Asset Search, but with an emphasis on attempting to verify the address and residence of the individual as opposed to attempting to verify the asset. So while the results may provide property ownership, it is only done so in the context of locating the address of the individual.

Order - $130


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