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Detective Consultant.com, LLC was formed in 2001 and is designed to provide a wide variety of data and expert advise to individuals, businesses, the insurance industry and the law firms that represent them. By combining private investigators and law enforcement professionals with an E-business, clients can benefit from a variety of experts at an exceptionally reasonable cost.

Affordable data searches allow individudals and businesses to obtain information relevant to their individual case without employing costly labor based investigators.
Professional investigative consulting can prove extremely cost effective , and more than pay for itself, by formulting the best strategy and investigation options.
Use the basic consulting information below to guide you in performing your own investigation.
To confirm address via Telephone Operator:
To confirm the subject's current address, call information and ask for the subject's last name at the most recent address. If there is a listed number, problem solved. If the number is unlisted, you know that there is a current telephone number in the subject's name and address, which helps confirm that the subject resides at the address. If there are no listings, call back and ask for the subject's name in the same town, as people are more likely to move to another address in the same town than elsewhere.

If there is an unlisted number in the subject's name, call back again. This time ask for the subject using his last name only, and a bogus address, ie 1 Main Street. The operator will tend to correct you, by saying that there are none on Main Street, but on North Street. Then call back and ask for the subject's last name at 57 North Street. The operator will often correct you and state that there is a listing at the correct number on North Street. This is how you can identify the address of an individual who has an unlisted number.

Property Information:
If you belive that the subject is in a particular city, call the Tax Assessor's office and ask for any property owned in the subject's name. This is public information.

If the subject does not own any property, ask for the current owner of the subject's last known address. Contact the landlord as they are typically cooperative with providing information concerning previous tenants, as they deal with skips all the time. If you can call on behalf of a business, the better, as people tend to provide information to businesses instead of individuals. They may know the subject's current whereabouts, or who was living with the subject. Keep in mind in any of your attempts that it is not necessary to locate the subject, just locate anyone else who knows where the subject is.

Registered Voter:
Call the Registrar of Voter in the particular city, and ask if the subject is a registered voter in the town. This is also typically public information, some jurisdictions will require that you come into the Town Hall. This is a good place to check because they have the subject's date of birth, which helps to confirm that you have the correct individual. They can also provide registered voter's at a particular address.

Criminal Records:
Call the Police Department of records in the town the subject lived in last. The date of bith is usually required for this search. Ask if the subject has an arrest history in their jurisdiction. Obtain copies of the arrest reports as they specify exactly what happened, address information and perhaps other individuals who know the subject.

Also ask for incident reports, as these will contain any incident involving the subject that did not result in an arrest. These could be domestic disputes, auto accidents or complaints that the subject filed against others. There may be a fee for the search or copies.

Ask the police which court handles their jurisdiction. Contact the Criminal Clerk's office at that court and request any criminal record for the subject. You may have to submit the request in writing. Obtain any copies of the records from the court. They may also refer you to a Statewide Criminal search, which varies by state. However, the statewide searches will typically only report convictions, not all arrests, and have been less than totally reliable. It is always better to go through the local sources.

Ask the court clerk which correction facilities are in their jurisdiction. Contact the Records Departement at the correctional facility. Ask if the subject has ever been incarcerated. If so, obtain information such as time served, charges, where the offense occurred, inmate and FBI# where applicable. Most correctional facilities are connected with records of others, so they may provide other information outside of the area.

By going through all of the aforementioned steps insures finding all criminal or related activity that the subject may have been involved in.

Employer Information:
Unfortunately, there is no centralized database for employment information, but there are several options.

First, the best way is to hire an investigator to physically follow the subject to determine where they are working. This is preferable because it will catch the subject even if they are working a cash, or under the table job, landscaping, bartending, etc.

Second, contact the Worker's Compensation office in the areas where the subject resides, or resided. If the subject has had any claims, theire current and previous employers would likely be listed.

Lastly, contact the civil courts and police departments as noted below. Civil cases may contain other person information, such as employment. Criminal cases may contain the persons employer if relevant to the case.

Use datasearches where necessary as tools to obtain information to contact others found to have had contact with the subject.
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